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    KSCF Committed to Training for Leadership.

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General Secretary's Massage

KSCF is the umbrella body that unites all the Christian Unions (CUs) in Kenya. For effective operation, the ministry is subdivided into regions (16) and these regions are each further subdivded into several teams. All the national activities are coordinated at the Central offfice which is Nairobi Westlands.

Through the Christian Unions, many students have come to know and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. And most of us are witnesses to this fact.

KSCF therefore appeals to all who have a passion for youths to be part of the KSCF Team and join in serving the Lord through the KSCF ministry and make a positive difference in the lives of the students in Kenya.  We invite you to participate in this honourable assignment through the following:-
 Praying for Students in Schools
Joining the KSCF Associate Team and serve through preaching, counselling etc

Mr. Joseph Odingo Njanga

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Jesus Christ of whom we all witnesses Acts 2:32

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How to get Involved ?

To become a member as (Associate,Student,Teens )

You can call our offices to Register today we will be glad to a sign you responsibility and participate in our programs to reach the students in Kenya with the gospel of Jesus Christ.